Precious Metals Trading: How to Recycle S-Type Platinum Rhodium Wire?

S-type platinum rhodium wire is a sensor used for high-temperature measurements, capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures while remaining very stable. However, as usage time increases, even the strongest materials will wear out. Therefore, today we will discuss the recycling of S-type platinum rhodium wire.

The first step in recycling is to dismantle the S-type platinum rhodium wire from the thermocouple. Care must be taken during disassembly to avoid damaging the platinum rhodium wire, as this could affect the subsequent recycling efficiency. Next, a preliminary cleaning and sorting are conducted, aiming to remove impurities from the platinum rhodium wire and separate different materials.
Precious Metal Recycling
Then comes the extraction process, where aqua regia is used to separate platinum and rhodium from the platinum rhodium wire, followed by various chemical reactions to extract pure platinum and rhodium. The extracted platinum and rhodium, after purification and refining, yield very pure platinum and rhodium.

That??s all for today??s sharing. There are several types of platinum rhodium wire, and we hope this gives everyone a clearer understanding of the recycling of S-type platinum rhodium wire. See you next time!